The Best Life Settlements Companies in 2019

Figuring out who to work with isn’t easy, especially when it comes to life insurance policies and navigating through the process means understanding the difference between a broker and a provider. So if you’re looking to sell your life insurance, compare life settlement companies by features and learn more about the best practices. One out of every two people has at least one life insurance policy, looking for retirement income, so the growth of the industry has led to streamlining, often allowing consumers to proceed with the sale, which can provide a higher payout by eliminating intermediary, as the industry’s drive makes life settlements accessible for retirees, and while this trend continues it will spur significant growth.


Ashar Group

In business for 12 years, is the most tenured broker who comes with a professional process, providing a free appraisal and present your policy to every provider, allowing you to decide. When we called their main line, there was no automated machine, so we were talking directly to Jon Mendelsohn, the foremost expert, who gave us 30 minutes and advised us, all for free, about his A+ rating. However if you prefer to educate yourself, there are excellent pages on eligibility by state, as well as an organized online resource, including a primer and a list of cities where their brokers have a presence.


Brokers must be licensed and have a fiduciary responsibility to represent the policyholders interest, taking a commission, while life settlement providers are companies that can purchase policies on behalf of institutional investors and do not have a fiduciary responsibility, so if you are confident in your ability and hate paying double digit commissions you might opt to sell your policy, but if you are new to the process it likely makes sense to work with a broker. Here is a comprehensive research report featuring thorough examinations of statistics within the industry, as our projection is that the life settlement volume will increase between 2018 and 2027, after we studied the market forces that affect growth. Insurance professionals have monitored the industry in the aftermath of a significant contraction, but after working through challenges, the life settlements industry seems poised to remain on a growth trajectory, according to an independent study titled “Life Settlements: Continued Growth, Positive Outlook.”

Ovid Life Settlements

Customers can get an estimate using the viatical settlement calculator, as Ovid matches sellers to help generate a competitive offer and buyers have to undergo a background check, while their website has excellent resources.


We at E-alir have called a wide range of brokers to come up with our top 5, so read on to find out more about life settlement companies and the settlement process. In our life settlement report, we state that if these double-digit increases continue, there are some key factors that lead to it, such as an aging population, as Americans are getting increasingly older and the number of people older than 65 will jump 38 percent. Thus, an independent study in 2018 reported an increase.

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