Frequently Asked Questions: a Cheat Sheet

If you need life insurance, we answer all your questions, as it offers a number of benefits and can prove to be a convenient financial aid, although a majority of policyholders don’t know much about how it works. These important questions will help you when it comes to life insurance. Life Insurance is all about peace of mind, so don’t go losing time for a financial back-up.


Much like health insurance, there are different types and even variants among those three, so how do people know which is best? The terms and conditions of setting up life settlements is easy to understand, as the Life Settlement process means an insurance policyholder decides to sell to a third-party individual in exchange for cash, in excess of the cash surrender, for a wide range of reasons. If you’re shopping for life insurance, you might want to know how much you need, so take a look at this article for answers. Whole life insurance lasts throughout the course of a person’s life, there is a guaranteed death benefit, which means the benefactors will get a payout as long as there are no extraneous circumstances, and comes with a “cash value” as the policyholder pays her monthly premiums, while the rest goes toward the death benefit.


Once you sell the policy, it may get sold, as life settlements are subjected to fewer regulations and no death benefit will be passed onto the heirs after completing the process, although it might come as a shock that many universal life insurances stay unclaimed, so whatever money you have been paying doesn’t fetch the beneficiary profit, so what you consider your asset becomes the asset of the company. Following our take on the latest meaningful employee benefits packages, it’s become fairly standard to offer life insurance at no cost to and it’s common to offer options for those who might want additional coverage for a spouse, which could be double or even five times the amount of an annual salary.


If you feel like you don’t know enough but have a niggling suspicion, it can be tricky navigating the lingo on insurance websites, let alone wading through a Product Disclosure Statement, but if you’ve hit your 20s and making big purchases it’s important to know how to protect your loved ones if things don’t go to plan.

  1. Are life settlements supposed to come as a relief?

Unfortunately, some charge an unreasonably high amount and there are brokers who even charge half, which has spoilt the reputation of the industry, precisely why the best way is to ask the help of a licensed company, as its quite evident why providers have become the preferred choice when one considers settlement options.


2 Are safety nets made of paper sturdy?

Consider how much money your family needs after you’re gone.


  1. Just how much life insurance do you need?

The resources that your family members could draw on include your partner’s savings, other income and any life insurance, so your financial obligations are the approximate amount.

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